Sunday, May 22, 2011

A New Venture

As a formally trained Archaeologist and Physical Anthropologist, the current job market is terrible. Having tried for the past few years to stay busy within my field, the overwhelming lack of construction projects has directly affected my career.

And so, not one to sit and mope, I've had the thought of taking a 'lateral move'. Nutrition and Diet. Lateral, you ask? Yes, to me and my past experiences anyway. Lateral because as a Physical Anthropologist I was always interested in the question of diet, and how nutrition affected the prevalence of disease in past populations.

As much as I love and will miss working with extinct groups of people and analyzing their eating habits, I am excited at the prospect of being more pro active and actually helping extant groups of people with their diet and how it directly affects their health.

As I begin this new adventure, I have started this blog to share with all of you ideas, recipes and nutrition tips... and hopefully we will learn new things from each other! Everything posted here will be purely of a self-experience nature; not to be taken as medical advice of any kind.

Someday I hope this will lead the way into a nutrition and diet blog from a certified and registered Dietitian.

Until then, enjoy the posts, the photos and feel free to comment and share your thoughts!!

Happy and Healthy eating!